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WIP and small Projects


WArhammer: Inquisitor

Currently In Progress 

Platform: Unreal


Warhammer Inquisitor is a first-person shooter horror game set in the Warhammer 40k universe. A passion project I picked up to further my understanding of Unreal and its new Niagara systems. Currently still in the asset creation phase I would be excited to have something presentable in 2021 if time allows. 

First pass - Timings Need more work

Unreal Cinematics Practice 

Created in: 2021

Platform: Unreal


This was a quick project to better understand Sequencer and Unreal's new water system. Done over the course of 2 weekends the project was very simple. Half of my work went into retopologizing the hero asset; the skull. Done manually in Maya and baked in Zbrush. Overall the project came out fine. If I had more time I would have figured out how to get transparency shaders to work with the water shader, so the sprite works underwater. 

Dungeon Crawler


Created in: 2018

Platform: Unity


The goal of Dungeon Crawler was to make a quick simulator for World of Warcraft's dungeon design. The idea being you can have a greater data set and feedback from testing a dungeon in simulations. Reducing playtesting time to just when you need it. This project had a very high level of scope and I realize I wouldn't have the time to dedicate much to it but it was very insightful in providing me with ideas for GUIs for game testing. Examples are shown in the agro range, line of sight, and Simple AI systems 



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