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Released: 2019

Platform: Overwatch Workshop


Play Two Heroes is a mod that takes inspiration from Marvel Vs Capcom 2 and utilizes a hero switch mechanic. By utilizing these mechanics players can take advantage of a wider ability toolkit. By giving the players more "Solutions" to problems, it will feel better when they utilize them. 


Play Two Heroes.PNG


I got an official shout by Jeff Kaplan regarding the mod I created.

  1. 11th overall most played measured by duration

  2. 2nd highest average player base - So people are staying in my games longer​​​​


How it works: 

Two Heroes utilizes a system of current and reserve heroes with a team shared hero pool in order to allow players to switch on the fly between two heroes of their choice. Giving creative solutions to heroes problems like healers with no escape, tanks with no self heal, dps with shields. 




Due to the nature of the system; some workarounds had to be achieved in order to keep fairness


List of coded Solutions: 

  1. - Prevent switching when CC'd

  2. -Ultimate transfers between two heroes

  3. -Health system that transfers the percentage of health a player has

  4. -Cooldowns for switching heroes to avoid ability abuse. 

  5. -Retain momentum between switching

  6. -Tier List for Switch cooldown timers

Special cases: 

-Baby Dva Catch: Makes cooldown to switch 30 seconds when in baby DVA form, To avoid infinite health.

-Sombra/Bastion: Due to the nature of how deadly the combo of Bastion Sombra is, during cloak she will have an indicator above her floating giving attentive players an ability to predict. 


Switching was a problem for a while​

 Switching had to have some special conditions in order for it not to be abused. Originally it could be abused in a way that negates CC's of all types. Its the same problem experienced with Moira when she had the buff that allowed her to fade while stunned.

The solution was pretty simple, add a cooldown timer and a catch for when someone is CC'd before switching anything. 



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