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Junkenstein's new Boss Mod

Released: 2019

Platform: Overwatch Workshop


Junkensteins new boss mod is a twist on the original game. Providing new and powerful enemies.  


Design Goals:

The goal of Junkensteins new boss mod was to make a twist on a well-known game-type  By creating new interactions through new hero mechanics. The changes listed below. 




Because reaper will be the hero you fight an upwards of 20 times. He needed to have a buff that didn't feel too powerful.  The idea was to reserve all his buffs for his ultimate, so we could control the manner at which he is difficult. 


An example of controlling it was using a 7-second loop to give reaper ultimate. This hidden buff dropped off after 7 waves into it. We had control! 

-When Reaper ults he will teleport and hack anyone in his range once.

-Uses line of sight to determine if a target is possible, barriers can block

-Will still teleport if you walk into range

-Starts with ult 

-Ult gain normal 



Road Hog:

Traditionally Tank Enemies in PvE games usually have mechanics that deter players from at close quarters. A punch or  Roadhogs kit already supports close-quarters combat. Inspired by pudge/stiches from the original dota. A heavy tank with proximity dmg sounded like a perfect fit. 

-Greatest Threat in Close quarters

-Ultimate now pulls enemies into him
-AOE's stack


In the story, Symmetra's character is called the Summoner. She already has a tool kit for creating so added some forced actions to spawn sentry turrets to keep with the theme. Originally we had her exclusively spawn turrets but quickly realized people weren't having fun, so we lowered it to 9 seconds per turret. It's always a blast to get a reaction out of players when they see she spawned in the air. 

-Had to change to ranged damage

-Prevent fully charged right clicks to reduce "surprise deaths". 

-When CC'd will drop down and have gravity for a brief second

-Turrets encourage players to look behind them


Junkenstein was already too lethal as it is. The goal was to change "how" he was lethal. With some tinkering, we found a place we got Junkenstein where he needed to be. Some close-quarters action to break up a literal endless barrage. 

Fun fact: 

RIP-tires do not actually have any movement for the AI

So we had to send Junkenstein to the players in order to ult. It turned out into a nice feature, allowing active players to negate possible damage by shooting it. 




Originally I forced mercy to valk in order to escalate her ability to heal. It lead to two problems. Mercy in worst-case scenarios could valk heal upwards of 12 at once which during late-game, becomes a real problem. The second issue is she has no pathing when in valkyrie mode so she becomes easy to kill.  

-So she got a gun!

-I had other actions like she turns someone into a mercy for 10 seconds but it felt like too much. 

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