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An expansion of a card game

Hanamikoji - War of the Clan

Players use item cards to court a specific Geisha. Whoever has the most of that type at the end of the game wins that Geisha. 


Finished: 2017

Platform: None


Expansion goal:


The goal of the expansion is to bolster meaningful choice through an additional layer of mechanics. By far the best aspect of Hanamikoji is in decision making in choosing a Geisha without your opponent knowing. This intention was evident through the original mechanic of letting your opponent play some of your cards. You give them an opportunity to counter you!  

Original Issue: 

Once a Geisha is "courted", their influence is unchangeable. Those cards instantly become useless for the next round. In an effort prevent a shrinking of the playable pool of cards, I made sure cards were still viable throughout. It became apparent that the enemy player would also gain an advantage. There are fewer secrets when there is less selection.



We added an extra layer of rock paper scissors style gameplay, only we incorporated the item cards into the equation. This provided 



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