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Built: 2015

Platform: PC Steam


A flash game made entirely in InDesign:

Someone stole the Mona Lisa! You have to solve the mystery! 

The project was to create an interactive PDF for educational purposes in Indesign. But things got interesting when I found that they had an Export as SWF format!






Because this game had to be in/about a museum. I had to find a background that looked the part. Real pictures were too detailed, while rendering a decent background would have taken more time than it would be worth.

Unreal was invaluable with establishing a “look”, with its simple and easy to use lighting setup to pre-render out a background for my game.  


Pixel Sorting:

I had been exploring datamoshing at the time of this game. It ended up influencing the design of this game.

-Application used to make the gifs: Processing

In Design Game


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